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HeroDex is a Trading Card MMOG. This means that players collect and trade virtual playing cards with each other in order to build decks and then play matches. It features Solo play versus computer opponents along with both competitive and co-operative play against or alongside other players. This brand new Trading Card Game offers quick-paced matches that can be completed in only a few minutes. The gameplay, the unique feats-based advancement and deck building system will keep people coming back for more. Matches have been described as a cross between Poker and Rock-Paper-Scissors (Roshambo) with bluffing and anticipating your opponent's next move forming a large part of the strategy. All moves are made at the same time, with each turn finishing once everyone has decided their move or the time limit is reached, so even large matches proceed quickly. The suspense of waiting to see what cards your opponent will reveal next can become intense and the satisfaction of having outsmarted them delicious.


HeroDex was conceived to be the first project for the newly formed Zero Separation ltd. Zero Separation's designers knew that they wanted to do an MMOG but also that the scale and resources of a conventional MMOG was not suitable for the emerging mobile devices market. Even though the first release would be for more conventional platforms it is and always has been the plan to include mobile devices in the future. After a lot of brainstorming the concept behind HeroDex emerged, although the name took a long time to follow. Trading Cards and turn based play allows lower powered devices and slower connections to compete on a level playing field with those at home on high speed Internet.


  • Forever free to play. You will never pay to play HeroDex, although you might choose to buy a few more cards from time to time.
  • A free starting Hero and deck to let you get involved straight away.
  • Solo, Cooperative and Competitive play.
  • Deck building. Can you design the ultimate deck?
  • Card Trading with other players in a built in and secure marketplace.
  • A unique feats-based advancement system allows you to upgrade both the cards in your deck and your Heroes.
  • A mixture of bluffing and anticipating your enemy as two or more players play their cards face down and then turn them over together.
  • No long waits for other players. All moves are made simultaneously so even large games proceed at a rapid pace.
  • Surprises come from your opponents, not your deck. You will never be stuck unable to play!


HeroDex Beta Trailer YouTube

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HeroDex Alpha Trailer YouTube

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      • "...presenting HeroDex, a beautiful card trading game."
        - jMonkeyEngine, Twitter

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