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Welcome to HeroDex, the exciting new game from Zero Separation.

Herodex Beta

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This downloads a Setup program that will install HeroDex onto your Windows computer. It also includes a wrapper which will help you install Java if it is not already installed. You can register to play and get your first pack of cards from inside the game as soon as you start it up.

This is a simple download of the HeroDex Launcher and required libraries, although you will need to install Java on your machine. Simply extract the zip file to a suitable location on your computer and run using the provided shell file. You can register to play and get your first pack of cards from inside the game as soon as you start it up.

Mac OS X client coming soon!

Recent News Articles

2013 Thu 8th Aug 17:09 ZS Enigma

HeroDex Version 0.9.20 Released

The Beta 2 of HeroDex has been released, featuring an overhauled in-match display, improved effects and much more complete sound effects.
2013 Sat 16th Mar 07:39 ZS Enigma

Celebrating 10,000

To celebrate the ten-thousandth match being played we have given everyone who played a match over the last week a small booster pack of cards. Enjoy!

2013 Thu 7th Mar 22:52 ZS Enigma

Open Beta in Progress

Invitation codes have been turned off and the doors are open, you can now enjoy HeroDex without needing a Beta Access Code.
2013 Tue 5th Mar 16:09 ZS Enigma

HeroDex version 0.9.16 Released

Just a small release this week, with one new feature and a bug fix.

  • BUGFIX: Under certain situations would allow heroes to advance stats one level past their maximum. All Heroes that had benefited from this bug have been returned to their correct stats and it is no longer possible to go past the limit.
  • An “Explain” button has been added when zoomed in on a card that shows what all the fields on the card mean.
2013 Tue 26th Feb 15:12 ZS Enigma

HeroDex Version 0.9.15 Released

There is no new content this time, however there are a number of big improvements to the handling of server downtime and a fix for quite a nasty location-freezing glitch along with a couple of minor fixes and enhancements.

  • BUGFIX: It was possible for a rare glitch to lock up Locations so that all messages about that location were not correctly being delivered. There is now a work around in place to correct the glitch if it happens.
  • BUGFIX: After registering a new player if ...
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